Challenging, healing soulwork awaits you!

  "I invite you to participate in an advanced, challenging work space with Pleiadian Great Light Channel- a gentle avatar being of light, here for a brief time to transmit universal awake soul light and uplifting energy and to present to you the most challenging work you could ever do- healing soulwork
   This workshop is bathed in heart-warming light that loosens the "grip" of the fragmented mind's view of life and refreshes your feeling of being alive. It teaches new life skills to deepen and stabilize your connection with your real physical body and emotions in the reality, testable, here-and-now. 
      This work is dedicated to protecting the integrity of life itself and igniting the process of self illumination with new conscious choices in your regular daily life."                                                       
LightBody Activation Workshops
Before registering for this one day workshop, you're invited to watch the NEW introductory 
 videos below.

Upcoming Workshops
in Portland and Eugene.
To be announced.
Pre-registration available.

   Lisa Rose,
 conscious and awake channel, healer, teacher and Founder of Project LightBody.
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Part One
An Invitation to Come Home
Part Two
Your Healing Soulwork Project
Part Three
The 3 Kinds of Choices
Part Four
Willingness, Trust and Courage
Part Five
Honesty in the Workshop
Part Six
Shopping for the Habits of a Lifetime
Part Seven
LightBody Esoterica
Part Eight
The Somatic Skills
Part Nine
Instructions for the Workshop